Multicultural Scholars Program

Local high school students learn about Seattle and National Civil Rights history in a month of Saturday classes, take anti-bias training, and learn about each other


Experience eyewitness accounts, city historical overviews, and historical education for a comprehensive approach to holistic education on a period we must not forget

American Civil Rights

Ride across the south to listen to the stories of those who sat, marched, shouted, and walked their way to equality

Japanese Internment

From the heart of the International District in Seattle, be transported to a time when U.S. citizens were detained and locked up simply because they physically resembled the enemy

From Lincoln to King to Obama: Are We Living the Dream 50 Years Later?

Washington D.C.
August 24-29, 2013

Participants from five churches joined the tour for a look at issues of racial reconciliation in a post-racial world against the backdrop of one of our country’s most iconic moments as we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of The March on Washington.

March on Washington
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Participant Voices

  • "Moving and profound...it was a great opportunity to hear a survivor."